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Drug cases in Monterey County range from offenses for simple possession, possession for sale, actual sales, and cultivation or manufacturing. Having a qualified Monterey defense attorney represent you in your drug offense case is a critical first step in ensuring that your rights are protected.

Recently we have seen an uptick in manufacturing charges for honey oil and hash and cultivation of marijuana. People with valid medical marijuana recommendations from licensed doctors are often charged with drug possession despite the enactment of Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act.

The lawyers at Taylor & Dolowich have extensive experience fighting for and defending people facing drug possession charges of all types. Attorneys Dylan Taylor and Jamey Dolowich know the ins and outs of the Monterey County Drug Court, where we have defended hundreds of cases. We fight drug convictions but also target alternative and workable outcomes like drug treatment programs that could result in the dismissal of all drug charges.

We conduct a rigorous evaluation of every drug case and analyze issues such as:


  • Did police violate your Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures? Why were you detained or searched? Both attorneys at Taylor & Dolowich have been successful in getting evidence thrown out and cases dismissed because of illegal police searches and detentions.
  • Did police follow protocol in testing and weighing the alleged controlled substance? Was there a usable amount of drugs? Both attorneys at Taylor & Dolowich have had success in getting cases thrown out because the prosecution and police could not prove there was a usable amount of drugs.
  • Are you eligible for treatment programs that could result in the dismissal of the case? The law provides for several drug counseling programs that lead to the dismissal of drug charges. The lawyers at Taylor & Dolowich are very familiar with the drug treatments programs in the Monterey courts.

Remember, you have rights. We protect them.

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