Don't Take Your Criminal Charges Lightly

Don't Take Your Criminal Charges Lightly

Speak with a reputable criminal defense attorney in Salinas, CA

If you've been arrested in Salinas, CA or Monterey County, you need a criminal defense attorney. The legal team at Taylor & Dolowich, A Professional Law Corporation can guide you through the entire process to make sure everything goes as smoothly and favorably as possible. We defend individuals against all types of charges, from petty theft to domestic violence.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your accusation or arrest are, you have rights. Taylor & Dolowich will defend them.

What not to do when being arrested

Your criminal defense starts the moment you're arrested. If you've been taken into police custody, you should never:

  • Talk to the police-your Miranda rights are clear: no matter what you say, it can and will be used against you. Never say anything without a criminal defense attorney present.
  • Resist arrest-never run from the police or resist arrest in any way. The last thing you need is for an officer to say you resisted or-worse-assaulted them.
  • Permit police to search your property-no matter what they tell you, you don't need to let the police search your property without a warrant. Warrants hold police to clear rules that protect you.
  • Waive your right to an attorney-criminal defense lawyers understand the legal system in a way civilians can't. Trust our experienced team to help you. If you could rely on your luck, you wouldn't be at the precinct.

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