Our Story

Dylan Taylor and Jamey Dolowich worked together at the Monterey County Public Defender’s Office in Salinas for a combined eighteen years. They battled together as a team over several years in multiple courts, including the felony domestic violence court and the felony drug court. They continue to work together to provide the highest quality legal representation for their clients.

Jamey Dolowich


Jamey Dolowich’s entire career has been devoted to criminal defense work and the protection of his clients’ constitutional rights. He has handled thousands of cases in the misdemeanor, felony and drug courts, and he has been before every judge in the local criminal courts.

Jamey has strong ties to the local community. He was valedictorian of his graduating class at Pacific Grove High School, where he played basketball and earned all-league honors. He went on to UC Berkeley, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Integrative Biology. While attending UC Berkeley, he served as president of Pi Lambda Phi International Fraternity, an organization dedicated to the elimination of prejudice in our society and the principle that all men are created free and equal. Inspired by his experiences in Berkeley, Jamey came back home to attend Monterey College of Law where he studied criminal law and advocacy and graduated second overall in his class. He received the West Publishing Company Outstanding Academic Achievement Award. As a law student, Jamey clerked for a local established appellate practice, where he was extensively trained in the art of legal research and writing. To complete his training in litigation, he interned at the Public Defender’s Office in Salinas.

Jamey spends his free time thinking about his cases. He lives in Monterey County with his wife and two children.

Dylan Taylor


Dylan Taylor has spent the last ten years fighting to protect the rights of the People in Salinas and the larger Monterey Bay area. A third generation Californian, Mr. Taylor was raised in a legal culture where equality and justice were paramount. His father, now a retired Superior Court Judge of over 30 years, was a Legal Services attorney for a decade before being appointed to the Bench. It was in this environment that Mr. Taylor first came to understand the importance of zealous representation, justice for the under-represented, and fighting against what can seem overwhelming odds.

Mr. Taylor spent two years studying at the University of California, Riverside, before transferring to the University of California, Davis. There he achieved a Bachelors’ of Arts degree in Literature. He continued his studies afterwards, becoming a Masters’ Candidate at Sonoma State University.

Substituting literature for law books, Mr. Taylor travelled to the State’s capitol to attend the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. While obtaining his Doctorate, he put into practice the core values he had been raised on by clerking with both Legal Services of Northern California and the Office of the Federal Defender. As chief law clerk at the Federal Defender, Mr. Taylor represented individuals charged with crimes on federal lands as well as on military installations. It was in this role that Mr. Taylor’s passion for advocacy and justice burned brighter than ever. He then graduated with Honors, earning membership in the prestigious Traynor Society for academic excellence. He also completed and was awarded a Criminal Justice Concentration.

While in Monterey County, Mr. Taylor has represented thousands of clients. He has appeared before every Judge in the criminal courts and has done battle against every District Attorney in the County. He thrives in the legal battle field and has spent countless hours litigating and defending the rights of the accused.